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H/F Research engineer in biology

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Date Limite Candidature : vendredi 20 mai 2022

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General information

Reference : UMR5234-SANGUI-006
Workplace : BORDEAUX
Date of publication : Friday, April 29, 2022
Type of Contract : FTC Technical / Administrative
Contract Period : 5 months
Expected date of employment : 1 July 2022
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : Between €2462 and €2641 per month depending on experience
Desired level of education : PhD
Experience required : 5 to 10 years


The biologist engineer in a research laboratory will have to design, develop, adapt and experiment with new methodologies within the framework of the Andevir team's research themes. The projects focus on class 3 pathogens, in particular the biology of pathogenic class 3 RNA viruses, biochemistry and molecular biology.


- Design the development and lead as a specialist, a project in a field of biology of class 3 pathogenic RNA viruses (biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, cell and morphological biology, physiology, etc.).
- Develop scientific and technological expertise and ensure scientific and technological monitoring.
- Carry out experiments of viral infections in L2 and L3 and analyze, interpret, validate the results.
- Integrate its activity into the scientific projects of the team.
- Design experimental protocols as part of a scientific project.
- Write the protocols, the experiment reports and the laboratory notebook.
- Present the protocols and the results to the team in meeting.
- Disseminate and promote the results in the form of a technical report, oral presentation, publication, patent.
- Participate in the upkeep and maintenance of experimental equipment and parts.
- Participate in the distribution and management of stocks of tools used and orders.
- Participate in the drafting of requests for approvals (GMOs, human samples, etc.) and funding.
- Advise, within the framework of a scientific project, on the technical options; evaluate and validate the choices.
- Propose new avenues in relation to the results obtained and knowledge of the field.
- Experiment with new technologies and establish new protocols.
- Evaluate, mobilize and manage the resources (technical, human and financial means) necessary for the experiments.
- Train, internally and externally, in the principles and implementation of experimental techniques in biology in an L3.


- In-depth knowledge of biology, infectiology.
- Knowledge of one or more of the methodological approaches applied to the field: mastery of molecular and cellular biology techniques (cell culture, viral productions, viral infections, RT-PCR/qPCR, confocal microscopy, inhibitor tests, cloning, western blot, ELISA, etc.).
- General knowledge and mastery of informatics tools for collecting and processing data (statistics, modelling).
- Knowledge of health and safety regulations in the field, ethical principles and related regulations.

Work Context

The activity is carried out within a team (Andevir) of the MFP research laboratory, Bordeaux.

Constraints and risks

Part of the work will be done on class 3 human pathogens in the BSL3 laboratory.

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