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M/F Study of the rapid pyrolysis of composites for aerospace applications

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Date Limite Candidature : jeudi 24 juin 2021

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General information

Reference : UMR5801-GERVIG2-022
Workplace : PESSAC
Date of publication : Thursday, June 3, 2021
Scientific Responsible name : David DAMIANI and Francis REBILLAT
Type of Contract : PhD Student contract / Thesis offer
Contract Period : 36 months
Start date of the thesis : 1 October 2021
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : 2 135,00 € gross monthly

Description of the thesis topic

Applications in aeronautics, space and energy require the use of materials operating at ever higher temperatures. Composite materials are among the best potential candidates. The study of the behaviour of these materials subjected to very high heat fluxes requires specific metrology in order to determine the physicochemical mechanisms involved (absorption of the heat front, pyrolysis, degradation, ablation of the material).
The aim of this thesis is to characterize a fibre and / or a model composite under high thermal flux (> 10 MW / m²), in the presence of gases (rarefied, neutral or oxidizing atmosphere) and with strong temperature gradients (> 1000 ° C / min). Rapid pyrolysis monitoring will have to be designed, involving a coupling between a high-flow facility and suitable instruments (rapid imaging, temperature measurement, monitoring of ablation products) with a spatial resolution in the micron range.
A correlation will be made with the properties of the materials: nature of the different components of the fibre / matrix interface, specific dimensions, surface states, physico-chemical bonding, thermomechanical properties.
Experiments can be designed in collaboration with other laboratories having knowledge in very high thermal and / or gas flow.
This work will also be carried out in collaboration with another thesis focused on the modelling of heat transfer in the pyrolysis of the composite materials.

Work Context

The LCTS is a laboratory which is located on the Bordeaux campus; it is a mixed unit with four supervisors - the CNRS, the University of Bordeaux, the Safran group and the CEA. It already has 32 years of upstream research on refractory composites, very high-performance materials used in aeronautics, space and the energy sector. It is a unique team working in project mode in close partnership with its non-academic co-supervisors. There are currently 33 permanent staff, around 20 doctoral students and 6 post-docs.

Constraints and risks

Use of intense heat sources.

Additional Information

We are looking for a candidate with a Master 2 in materials science, physics & chemistry research, with a taste for experimenting and modelling thermal phenomena. Knowledge of imaging, signal and image processing desired.

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