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Portail > Offres > Offre UMR9001-RAFCOL-005 - Développement de modulateurs mid-IR ultra-rapides en vue de leur commercialisation (H/F)

Development of ultra-fast mid-IR modulators towards commercialization (H/F)

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Date Limite Candidature : mardi 28 septembre 2021

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General information

Reference : UMR9001-RAFCOL-005
Workplace : PALAISEAU
Date of publication : Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
Contract Period : 18 months
Expected date of employment : 1 October 2021
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : Between 2728,26 et 4056,74 euros gross monthly salary, depending on experience
Desired level of education : PhD
Experience required : Indifferent


Applications relying on mid‐infrared radiation have progressed at a very rapid pace in recent years. A crucial feature for most photonic systems is the ability to electrically modulate the amplitude and / or phase of a beam at speeds of the order of GHz or higher. The host team has recently developed modulator demonstrator, following an idea that we have patented in France and that is now being extended at the international level.

The next step, that is also the goal of the project, is to improve the performance of these recently demonstrated/patented infrared modulators and to develop appropriate packaging for the possible “valorization” of the invention.


The activities can be divided in two main thrusts:

Device level: optimize the device modulation speed. The minimum target is a 3dB cut‐off at a modulation frequency of 15 GHz. These performances are achievable with careful RF design and open the door to several applications.

“Product” level: develop a compact package (device, pre‐aligned focusing micro‐lenses, SMA cabling for high frequencies, possibly Peltier cooling) that can be easily adapted to a laser and evaluated by industrial/academic actors.


From the description, it is evident that this research project is closely connected to a vision of tech‐transfer, start‐up and commercialization. The perspective candidate should therefore have a strong interest towards that type of career path and applicative goals.

In terms of research, the activity is quite varied: it will include device RF design and fabrication, optical/RF testing, use of ultra‐fast detectors, optical setup building and integration of optical components. The perspective candidate should be fluent in nanotechnology and nanofabrication, have experience with RF components and be able to program in Labview and/or python to upgrade the existing experimental setup.

Work Context

Workplace will be the "Center de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies", on the Plateau de Saclay.

Constraints and risks


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