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Post-doctoral Fellow (M/F) in Microfluidic models of sap transport in plants

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Date Limite Candidature : mardi 27 février 2024

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Informations générales

Intitulé de l'offre : Post-doctoral Fellow (M/F) in Microfluidic models of sap transport in plants (H/F)
Référence : UMR5258-JEAGIM-026
Nombre de Postes : 1
Lieu de travail : PESSAC
Date de publication : mardi 6 février 2024
Type de contrat : CDD Scientifique
Durée du contrat : 24 mois
Date d'embauche prévue : 1 avril 2024
Quotité de travail : Temps complet
Rémunération : between 2900 € and 4081 € gross monthly depending experience
Niveau d'études souhaité : Niveau 8 - (Doctorat)
Expérience souhaitée : Indifférent
Section(s) CN : Supra and macromolecular materials and systems: development, properties, functions


Unlike other large life forms such as mammals, the functioning of vascular plants is not based on an active pump such as the heart to make the different organs communicate with each other, but passively exploits the gradients of water chemical potential, ψ, and two coupled vascular systems, xylem and phloem, with microfluidic transverse dimensions (10-100 μm) and lengths that can reach several tens of meters for the largest trees. More specifically, evapotranspiration moves water
contained in the soil up to its vapor phase in the atmosphere, through the xylem connecting the
roots to the leaves to maintain plant hydration. At the same time, carbohydrates, mainly sugars,
photosynthesized in the mesophyll cells of the mature leaves are transported through the phloem
by forward osmosis to the sink sites (flowers, immature leaves, roots, etc.), for plant growth and


Within the framework of a collaborative and interdisciplinary ANR project with Cornell University
(PI: Abraham Stroock, Chemical Engineering, in collaboration with Margaret Frank, Plant Biology),
we wish to better understand the mechanisms of these vascular transports, and more precisely the
coupling between evapotranspiration and the transport of sugars in the phloem, and their
dynamics. The project proposed in this contract aims at developing original microfluidic tools to
mimic and study these transport processes. As a first step, we propose to use recently developed
photopatterning techniques [1] to integrate hydrogel membranes with tunable properties into
custom microfluidic chips. We also plan to integrate recently developed fluorescent nanogels
sensitive to water potential ψ [2] into these chips to probe the latter in situ. These techniques will
then be used to mimic transport by evapotranspiration (at negative pressure) and possibly
transport by osmosis through hydrogel membranes.


We are looking for a candidate holding a PhD in soft matter physical chemistry with a strong
experience in microfluidic development and an interest in transport phenomena and
interdisciplinary projects.

Contexte de travail

The "Laboratory of the future" - LOF is a research unit affiliated to the CNRS, the University of Bordeaux and Syensqo (a chemical industry company dedicated to the development of advanced materials). LOF's vocation is to increase the productivity of R&D projects through the implementation of high-throughput methodologies such as microfluidics and robotics. Located in Pessac, the laboratory is part of a Syensqo research and innovation centre and brings together a team of around twenty researchers from both academic and industrial backgrounds.

For this project, an active collaboration with Cornell university is planned, including a long stay in the USA.

Contraintes et risques

The studies carried out by the LOF candidate will be closely monitored by Syensqo's application teams. The candidate must be motivated and able to deliver within the given deadlines.