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structurated organic metamaterials (H/F)

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Date Limite Candidature : lundi 22 août 2022

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General information

Reference : UMR8180-DAVKRE-004
Workplace : VERSAILLES
Date of publication : Monday, August 1, 2022
Scientific Responsible name : David KREHER
Type of Contract : PhD Student contract / Thesis offer
Contract Period : 36 months
Start date of the thesis : 1 November 2022
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : 2 135,00 € gross monthly

Description of the thesis topic

Synthesis and study of new molecular metamaterials and/or polymers.
Project at the Synthetic Chemistry/Materials/Physical Properties Interface.

Our strategy, in terms of molecular and polymer designs, is thus based on i) the ability of liquid crystals to self-organize and give controlled anisotropies, and ii) the possibility of keeping a high photoemission of pi-conjugated systems in film. . We will therefore develop 2 strategies in parallel in terms of synthesis, at the molecular scale on the one hand (ILV, Paris Saclay), at the polymer scale on the other hand (IPCM, Sorbonne University). We will then characterize (SPEC, CEA Saclay) polymorphism and bulk morphologies, after film orientation (Abs, Em, XPS, Raman, XRD, AFM, GIWAX, determination of ENZ, etc.).

If successful, this project could lead to a real breakthrough towards a next generation of 100% organic materials, with hyperbolic dispersion in the visible/NIR spectral range. Beyond directional light sources or novel laser effect schemes that we are targeting directly in the project, longer-term applications relate to single photon sources, photon blocking, or ultrafast optical switches.

Work Context

In the booming field of materials interacting with light, significant challenges exist in the design and use of unconventional materials simultaneously exhibiting strong optical anisotropy, extreme phase or group propagation constants (close to zero or close to infinity), quantitative photoluminescence properties.
In this context, we wish to develop new hyperbolic metamaterials, an extreme case for which the ordinary (polarized in the plane of the film) and extraordinary (out-of-plane) dielectric constants are of opposite signs.

Constraints and risks

ZRR environment, chemical risks as for any research in organic synthesis laboratory

Additional Information

ANR project

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