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CDD Doctorant Antennes réseaux à large bande (H/F)

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Informations générales

Référence : UMR6164-MAUETT-002
Lieu de travail : RENNES
Date de publication : vendredi 26 juin 2020
Nom du responsable scientifique : ETTORRE Mauro
Type de contrat : CDD Doctorant/Contrat doctoral
Durée du contrat : 36 mois
Date de début de la thèse : 1 octobre 2020
Quotité de travail : Temps complet
Rémunération : 2 135,00 € brut mensuel

Description du sujet de thèse

The PhD project addresses three major goals:
- To propose a Green's function approach for the analysis of connected arrays at sub-millimetre bands taking into account technology constraints for the fabrication of such arrays. Losses, active reflection coefficient, scanning capabilities and polarization purity should be assessed. The developed tool will allow a fast performance assessment of the various wide band solutions mentioned in the state of the art. In particular, the multi-layer implementation of such arrays, e.g. ‎[9], requires a precise characterization of the induced reactive loading over the radiating aperture. Besides, multi-layer solutions severely impact the polarization purity of such antennas while scanning . In this regards, compact and low profile solutions should be preferred during the analysis.

- To investigate the scanning capability, circular polarization capability, polarization purity and suitability of such antennas in the sub-millimetre bands for future applications as multi-band radiometers or payload data links and transfers, just to mention a few. This task will also considers the finiteness of the arrays to avoid dummy loads generally adopted in connected arrays to reduce edge waves ‎[4]. Besides, at such higher frequencies losses may play a bigger role for the definition of the antenna architecture and overall performance.

- To prototype and validate experimentally the numerical results with advanced technology as for example diffusion bounding of thin laminate plates and silicon micro machining.

Contexte de travail

The PhD project will be held at the IETR, Rennes in the framework of a collaboration with the French Space Agency (CNES). The main supervisor of the PhD student will be Mauro ETTORRE IETR, CRCN CNRS (mauro.ettorre@univ-rennes1.fr), David GONZALEZ-OVEJERO IETR, CRCN CNRS and Ronan SAULEAU, IETR, Professor. The student will be co-advised by Baptiste PALACIN from CNES. During the PhD program, the candidate may spend some time in the premises of CNES.

Contraintes et risques

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