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PhD position - New generation of supported catalysts: synthesis, characterization and evaluation in

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General information

Reference : UMR5302-DOAPHA-001
Workplace : ALBI
Date of publication : Monday, July 29, 2019
Scientific Responsible name : Doan PHAM MINH, Katerina SOULANTICA
Type of Contract : PhD Student contract / Thesis offer
Contract Period : 36 months
Start date of the thesis : 1 November 2019
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : 2 135,00 € gross monthly

Description of the thesis topic

The project “Cooperative Catalysis Between Metal Single Atoms and Nanoparticles (COMET)” regroups four French laboratories: Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination (LCC, Toulouse) – leader of COMET project; Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie des Nano-objets (LPCNO, Toulouse); Laboratoire de Génie des Procédés Catalytiques (LGPC, Lyon) and Recherche d'Albi en génie des Procédés des Solides Divisés, de l'Énergie et de l'Environnement (RAPSODEE, Albi). This project, funded by ANR (The French National Research Agency), aims at developing a new generation of supported catalysts combining both metal single atoms and nanoparticles in a controlled way, in order to achieve a cooperative catalysis for industrially relevant reactions in continuous flow. Different catalysts will be developed and tested in different catalytic processes. The program of this ambitious COMET project includes 3 PhD and 1 post-doc of 24 months.
This PhD position is part of the COMET project. It will take place at RAPSODEE and LPCNO labs under the supervision of Doan PHAM MINH (RAPSODEE) and Katerina SOULANTICA (LPCNO). The PhD student will work on the synthesis of new supported catalysts combining both metal Single Atom Catalyst (SAC) and nanoparticles (NPs) in a controlled way for Fisher-Tropsch synthesis, using carbon-based support. A large variety of techniques (TEM, STEM-HAADF, EDX, HREM, N2 adsorption, chemisorption, XPS, FTIR, Raman and XRD) will be used for the characterization of the catalysts. These catalysts will be evaluated in Fisher-Tropsch synthesis using a fixed-bed reactor. The most interesting Co/C catalysts will be immobilized on a specific support having high thermal conductivity, favoring the heat transfer during Fisher-Tropsch reaction. This work will be in close collaboration with partners of the COMET project.

Work Context

IMT MINES ALBI is part of the Mines-Telecom Institute , which is today the first group of schools of engineering and management in France. Its three missions are the formation (engineers, masters, doctorate...), the research (3 research centres) and the economic development (platforms, incubators...). It accounts for about 300 permanent staffs and 1000 students, and targets 1250 students in 2022. Its current evolution includes the integration in the Mines-Telecom Institute structure, the development of international activities (international masters) and the deployment of quality initiative. For more information :

This PhD position is open at the IMT MINES ALBI, and attached to its RAPSODEE research center (Recherche d'Albi en génie des Procédés des Solides Divisés, de l'Énergie et de l'Environnement, UMR CNRS 5302) with 105 peoples (permannent staffs and non-permanents). The lab is associated to the CNRS since 2001 as an UMR. The main activities of the lab are structured into two research groups in the fields of energy (renewable energy: solar, biomass), environment (group EE) and powder and process (group PP), with particular focus on suistainble development: more intense, more energy efficient, more environment friendly and safer. For more information:

Constraints and risks

Displacments will be scheduled between RAPSODEE, LPCNO, LCC and LGPC labs in the framework of the COMET project.

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