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M/F Offer part-time research engineer (M/F 80%)

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Date Limite Candidature : vendredi 3 décembre 2021

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General information

Reference : UPR2357-CHRRIT-003
Workplace : STRASBOURG
Date of publication : Friday, November 12, 2021
Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
Contract Period : 12 months
Expected date of employment : 1 January 2022
Proportion of work : Part time
Remuneration : between 2286€ and 2581€ gross per month for an 80% job
Desired level of education : PhD
Experience required : 1 to 4 years


The vine represents an important part of the French heritage and agriculture, however it is one of the crops most strongly impacted by viruses. To date, more than eighty viruses have been identified. Some of them are responsible for diseases that can severely impact the vine and its economy, including the grapevine fanleaf disease whose main agents are GFLV (Grapevine fanleaf virus) and ArMV (Arabis mosaic virus) which are transmitted by nematodes or grafting.
Within the framework of the joint laboratory CleanStem, our objective is to produce elite rootstock varieties resistant to GFLV and ArMV using different biotechnological approaches based on the use of Nanobodies and genome editing (1, 2).
1. Incarbone, M., Clavel, M., Monsion, B., Kuhn, L., Scheer, H., Vantard, E., Poignavent, V., Dunoyer, P., Genschik, P., and Ritzenthaler, C. (2021). Immunocapture of dsRNA-bound proteins provides insight into Tobacco rattle virus replication complexes and reveals Arabidopsis DRB2 to be a wide-spectrum antiviral effector. Plant Cell. 10.1093/plcell/koab214
2. Hemmer, C., Djennane, S., Ackerer, L., Hleibieh, K., Marmonier, A., Gersch, S., Garcia, S., Vigne, E., Komar, V., Perrin, M., Gertz, C., Belval, L., Berthold, F., Monsion, B., Schmitt-Keichinger, C., Lemaire, O., Lorber, B., Gutierrez, C., Muyldermans, S., Demangeat, G., and Ritzenthaler, C. (2018). Nanobody-mediated resistance to Grapevine fanleaf virus in plants. Plant Biotechnol J 16, 660-671.


The candidate will work part-time (80%). His/her main mission will be the genotyping and phenotyping of plants generated in the framework of the LabCom.


- Minimum qualification: PhD in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Structural Biochemistry or Cell Biology.
- The ideal candidate for this position must be highly motivated, possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, leadership skills, and thinking and problem solving abilities.
- Previous experience in RNA biology, virology, biochemistry, or plant genetics will be a plus.
- The candidate must have the ability to work in a multidisciplinary team.
- The candidate must have a proven track record of publishing peer-reviewed papers, organizational skills, attention to detail, and must possess a strong work ethic.

Work Context

IBMP provides an excellent scientific environment and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment needed to carry out projects, including 3rd generation sequencing, bioinformatics and molecular biology techniques.

Constraints and risks

Risks associated with molecular biology, biochemistry and plant manipulation techniques

Additional Information

Cover letters should be submitted via the recruitment platform.

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