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Portail > Offres > Offre UMR7533-ZOEVAI-001 - Chercheur H/F CDD sur les inégalités socio-territoriales de santé et politiques locales de santé publique en Seine-Saint-Denis.

Searcher M/F in fixed term contract in the field of the social and terrtiorial health inequalities and local public health policies in Seine-Saint-Denis (Ile-de-France, France).

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Français - Anglais

Date Limite Candidature : vendredi 29 janvier 2021

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General information

Reference : UMR7533-ZOEVAI-001
Date of publication : Friday, January 08, 2021
Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
Contract Period : 18 months
Expected date of employment : 1 March 2021
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : between 2 728€ and 3 145€ gross monthly according to experience
Desired level of education : PhD
Experience required : 1 to 4 years


This position falls under theme 3 of the "Health and Society" research platform currently being set up within the Condorcet Campus.
Thematic 3- Analysis of public decision-making and its actors, at different scales of the national territory and at the international level.. (See more details in the section working context")
Scientific context :
The social and territorial health inequalities keep on increasing in France and Europe. These inequalities are anchored in the space at different scales from the neighbourhood to the city or the regional level. The Seine-Saint-Denis department is one of the most striken departments regarding health inequalities. Different approaches and measures are implemented at different territorial levels to try to reduce them. Theses policies mobilize a lot of different actors in order to adapt the actions to the local contexts for more efficiency (Local Health Contracts, City Health Workshops, health care netwoks et d'accompagnement, health impacts studies, health in all policies etc.). It show a large diversity of the degree of the local public health policies maturity, a large diversity of approaches, interventions and partnerships types etc. with certainly various impacts on health inequalities dynamics.
The objective of the present project is to propose a fine spatialised analysis of local public health policies in Seine-Saint-Denis. It must help to have a global vision on the disparities (qualitative and quantitative) of local approaches, procedures and to bring them in territories and health inequalities background dynamics. This work must enable to bring out research tracks and future projects for the Health and society Platform especially in connection with local actors.
The study is structured in two parts :
Part 1 : Identifying the disparities of the implemented policies
Are there any thematic, places (neighbourhoods, local area, districts, cities,) and special target populations focusing more (qualitatively and/or quantitatively) the political attention and concern versus others which are more in the back ?
It will be to identify :
- What? Which thematic are addressed ? Are some of them recurring versus others which would be invisible ? Are there any recurring terget population versus innvisible audiences ?
- By whom ? (actors, partnerships, conception, funding, execution etc .)
- Where and why here ? (places, scales target by interventions)
- How ? With, for who ? What are the interventions methods on the field (types of action, temporality, type of partnerships etc.)
- What impact ? What evaluation measures on the decreasing of health inequalities, on health, on the empowerment, on the local actors dynamics and democracy ?
Part 2 : Analyse the integration of these local policies in the dynamics of the territories and of the health social and territorial inequalities in Seine-Saint-Denis.
To what extent this socio-spatial distribution of political attention and intervention in health intersects the (potential) needs of the populations, the vulnerabilities and health inequalities ? Are there discrepancies between the location of the strongest needs and the focus of the political effort?

Based on existing analysis frames and grids of territories, it will be to highlight :
- Different types of communes regarding their degree of socio-spatial fragmentation or homogeneity
- types of distructs / neighbourhoods within these municipalities according to their degree of physical and social integration,
- to cross this typology awith the characterization of the political attention they receive


 identify an ad hoc strategy to collect relevant data and to proceed to their formatting
 Elaborate a repertoire of actors useful for reflection about the strategy to decompartmentalize searchers, actors, decision makers in public health and territorial development
 Analyze the data producing documents to support the analyses (production of analytical documents like maps, graphs, tables, verbatim etc.).
 Recap and , synthesize analyzed data, (elaboration of a typology with spatial profiles of local policies at different scales etc.)
 Redaction of a synthetic study report articulating the two components


Imperative knowledge of the french public health field (actors, institutionnal functionning, organisation etc.), of the French public territorial policies
Knowledge of the social and territorial health inequalities and their determinants
Knowledge of field interventions types in public health
Knowledge of the socio-geographical context of the Seine-Saint-Denis woud be appreciate
Skilled for public policies analysis, actors and stake holders mapping
Good spatial analysis skills, cartography, proficiency of Qgis or arcgis software, imperative
Imperative good qualitative analysis skill.
Good writing and synthetis skills.
Good oral presentation skills (meetings with local actors)
Know how to work in a team
Great autonomy, rigor and initiative

Work Context

The "Health and Society" research platform is a process for coordinating research initiatives in the field of health-related humanities aimed at bringing together a set of researchers and research initiatives.
It intends, in view of current issues and with a forward-looking aim, to position and strengthen insufficiently developed research in France, with the emphasis on interdisciplinary and international exchanges..
The ambition of this initiative is to strengthen the scientific potential of these research subjects by obtaining doctoral contracts and CIFRE contracts in particular. This platform is built around 3 themes:
1 - Engaging patients and the public in the organization of services, the development of public policies and research.
- 2 - Effects of structural changes, in particular environmental, climatic and demographic changes, on human health
- 3- Analysis of public decision-making and its actors, at different scales of the national territory and at the international level.
The recruited agent will be placed under the responsibility of Marie Gaille, scientific manager of the "Health and Society" research platform. He / she will be under the direct scientific responsibility of Zoé Vaillant, assistant professor in health geography and researchers in health geography involved in the supervision and support of this project.
This project is part of the researches led by the health geographers team from LADYSS (UMR LADYSS 7533 see web site https://www.ladyss.com/?lang=fr). These researches deal with the determinants of socio-territorial and environmental health inequalities and with the link between searchers, actors and decision makers in the political strategies to reduce health inequalities.
Place of work : Office at the Paris Nanterre University in the offices of the LADYSS laboratory and occasionally in an office on the Campus Condorcet in Aubervilliers.

Constraints and risks

- respect of the profesionnal secret
- Trips to Ile-de-France to meet actors

Additional Information

Level of study : PhD in health geography, health sociology health political sciences.

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