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Project Manager ( M/W)

This offer is available in the following languages:
- Français-- Anglais

Date Limite Candidature : lundi 25 septembre 2023

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Informations générales

Intitulé de l'offre : Project Manager ( M/W) (H/F)
Référence : UMR7343-FANALL-007
Nombre de Postes : 1
Lieu de travail : MARSEILLE 13
Date de publication : lundi 4 septembre 2023
Type de contrat : CDD Technique/Administratif
Durée du contrat : 24 mois
Date d'embauche prévue : 1 décembre 2023
Quotité de travail : Temps complet
Rémunération : gross monthly earnings between 2 350 to 2 977 Euros
Niveau d'études souhaité : Niveau 6 - (Bac+3 ou 4)
Expérience souhaitée : 1 à 4 années
BAP : Gestion et Pilotage
Emploi type : Chargé-e de gestion administrative et d'aide au pilotage opérationnel


• Assist science leaders (PI) in the coordination of European projects
• Manage and facilitate the overall operation of projects in accordance with CNRS accounting, financial and HR management rules and in accordance with signed contracts (Grant Agreements and Consortium Agreement).


Activity 1: Europeen Project Manager ERC CohPA at IUSTI

• Project coordination and communication
o Act as intermediary between the European Commission, the IP and the delegation services
o Assist the IP in the implementation of internal dissemination actions (dissemination of information, etc.) and external actions (writing press releases, creation and feeding of the project website )
o Organize the logistics of workshops, conferences related to the project
o Participate in data management plan

• Administrative and financial management:
o Assist the IP on the administrative aspects of the project
o Initiate expenses (hiring, missions, consumables, equipment) and monitor their execution (updating and monitoring budgets, internal financial summary reports, etc.) in accordance with the CNRS management rules
o Monitor the application of administrative rules and procedures specific to Horizon Europe
o Monitor the production of deliverables and participate in the writing of activity reports
o Coordinate the preparation, consolidation and submission of financial reports (Form C) in compliance with the deadlines provided by the EC in connection with the Europe unit of the CNRS Delegation
o Assist in the recruitment of PhD and post-doctoral students in connection with HR services

• Legal follow-up
o Ensure that any supporting documentation is properly prepared and retained by the project, ensure compliance with obligations
o Follow and update the contractual documents (amendments) related to the Partnership and Enhancement Service of the CNRS Delegation.

n Activity 2: European Project Manager DN SEASOUNDS at LMA

• Project coordination
o Assist the IP in the supervision and implementation of the project, and in the monitoring of the project work plan, in accordance with the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement
o Assist the IP in the animation of the consortium
o Develop and implement tools to carry out project management and monitoring (e.g., procedures, guidelines, templates, collaborative platform, dashboards, indicators)
o Coordinate exchanges within the network, facilitating communication between partners and PhD students
o Contribute to the organization of the consortium meetings and the drafting of agendas and minutes, participate in the meetings by reporting on its work (oral communications, synthesis notes)
o Support the IP in its role as an interface between the consortium, the European Commission, in collaboration with the CNRS Regional Delegation
o Supervise the recruitment of PhD students (compliance with the schedule, distribution of vacancies, monitoring of the recruitment process in accordance with national regulations and MSCA DN rules, support of PhD students during their installation)
o Contribute to the organization of project events (training, secondments, workshops)

• Legal support
o Ensure the consortium meets its obligations under the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement
o Monitor and update contractual documents (amendments) related to the services of the CNRS Regional Delegation

• Administrative and financial management
o Support partners in the administrative aspects of the project, including the application of rules and procedures specific to Horizon Europe and MSCA actions
o Monitor the production of deliverables and contribute to the writing of activity reports
o Budget monitoring (breakdown and transfer of funds, budget update and monitoring, internal financial reports, etc.)
o Coordinate the preparation, consolidation and submission of financial reports, in close collaboration with the CNRS Regional Delegation, within the deadlines set by the European Commission
o Ensure that all documents necessary to justify expenses are correctly defined and archived by each partner, anticipating the possibility of future audits

• Communication
o Carry out internal communication actions (information dissemination, animation of the collaborative platform, etc.)
o Participate in external communication actions (writing press releases/contents of the public part of the project website, etc.)
o Participate in the development of the project data management plan and ensure its proper implementation


Knowledge / Knowledge
o Management skills, management and project management methodology (if possible, European)
o Administrative and financial management skills
o Proficiency in oral and written communication skills
o Knowledge of Horizon Europe legal, administrative and financial regulations
o Knowledge of the European institutional environment and the national and European research landscape
o Basic concept on the status of EPST and higher education institutions

o Develop indicators and dashboards for monitoring and analysing project results
o Organize the filing and storage of processed documents
o Organize and plan activities, meet deadlines
o Prepare and write information notes, summary documents, etc
o Working in a team and in a network, reporting on your activity
o Apply and enforce statutory instruments
o Respect the confidentiality of data

o Proficiency in monitoring and business planning software
o Proficiency in office tools (Office Pack, Excel) and computer communications tools
o Fluency in English essential (written and oral) – Level C1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Soft skills
o Adaptability and openness
o Sense of organization
o Rigour
o Relational fluency
o Ability to listen
o Autonomy and taking initiatives

Contexte de travail

Mutualized. Between the IUSTI and LMA laboratories on the Château-Gombert site, the Project Manager will assist IPs in the coordination of two European projects: European Research Council at IUSTI, Doctoral Network at LMA.

The IUSTI laboratory is a joint research unit (Aix-Marseille Univ, CNRS) hosting about 136 people including 72 Researchers/ Teachers, 14 engineers/ technicians/ administrative, 50 PhD/ post-doctoral students. The research focused on mechanics and energy revolves around three axes: Fires, Energetics, Thermal and Hydrodynamics (FETH), Compressible Flows, Shock Waves and Interfaces (ECOCI), Solids & Complex Fluids (SOFT). The project concerned by the post is part of this last axis which addresses problems of flow of media in grains and biomechanics. The CohPa project (ERC advanced 2023) aims to study cohesive materials such as powders, snow, fiber media, based on the development of experiments, numerical and theoretical simulations that should lead to a better understanding of the behaviour of these materials .

The Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics (LMA) is a joint research unit (Aix-Marseille Univ., CNRS, Centrale Méditerranée) hosting about 130 people (including 45 researchers/lecturers-researchers, 27 engineers/technicians/administrators, 40 doctoral students/post-doctoral fellows). The LMA develops research activities in mechanics of solids and acoustics. It is structured around three research teams: Materials and Structures, Sounds, and Waves & Imaging. Within the latter, the research carried out under the theme «Acoustics in marine environment & Seismic Imaging» addresses major environmental issues around the seas and oceans. The SEASOUNDS project (MSCA Doctoral Network), funded by Horizon Europe and coordinated by Nathalie Favretto-Cristini, aims to study underwater noise pollution of anthropogenic origin (foundations of offshore wind turbines, neutralization of explosive devices, maritime traffic) and its impact on the marine ecosystem, and to propose optimal mitigation solutions for appropriate European regulations. This 4-year project (2024-27) revolves around the training of 10 doctoral students hosted in a network of 15 international partners in 8 countries.

Le poste se situe dans un secteur relevant de la protection du potentiel scientifique et technique (PPST), et nécessite donc, conformément à la réglementation, que votre arrivée soit autorisée par l'autorité compétente du MESR.

Contraintes et risques

Position in the two laboratories IUSTI (UMR 7343) and LMA (UMR7031) on the same campus of Château-Gombert, on the basis of a respective half-time (to be modulated according to the imperatives of the respective projects) with schedules counted on time sheets. Work on screen and prolonged sitting. Some travel in Europe is to be expected.
Telework possible from 6 months of activity