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Post-doctoral researcher (M/W) - High-fidelity simulation and flow analysis around cable transport systems in urban environments

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Date Limite Candidature : samedi 16 décembre 2023

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Informations générales

Intitulé de l'offre : Post-doctoral researcher (M/W) - High-fidelity simulation and flow analysis around cable transport systems in urban environments (H/F)
Référence : UMR6598-EMMGUI-003
Nombre de Postes : 1
Lieu de travail : NANTES
Date de publication : lundi 6 novembre 2023
Type de contrat : CDD Scientifique
Durée du contrat : 18 mois
Date d'embauche prévue : 1 février 2024
Quotité de travail : Temps complet
Rémunération : From 2905€ gross per month depending on experience
Niveau d'études souhaité : Niveau 8 - (Doctorat)
Expérience souhaitée : 1 à 4 années
Section(s) CN : Fluid and reactive environments: transport, transfer, transformation processes


The candidate will carry out numerical simulations of the flow around a free-moving gondola using the ISIS-CFD calculation code, which has been fully developed by members of the METHRIC team at the LHEEA. The candidate will base his/her simulations on experimental measurements carried out by project members. These simulations will enable a very detailed study of the phenomena involved in pendulum dynamics. The first task will be to qualify the turbulence models for different angles of incidence. Then, when the model is free to move, a resolution of 1 to 6 degrees of freedom will be coupled with the flow simulation.


- Manage three-dimensional simulations (mesh+simulation),
- Analyze results obtained from numerical simulations,
- Communicate with other project staff, in particular with the PPRIME laboratory for the development of a reduced order model,
- Write publications.


Training: PhD in numerical fluid mechanics
The following skills are required:
- Numerical simulation for turbulent and three-dimensional flows,
- Generation of three-dimensional meshes for complex geometries,
- Experience in high performance computing on supercompters,
- Ability to publish.

Contexte de travail

Ropeway cabins are a mechanical system suspended from a traction rope with several degrees of freedom (pendulum swing) and subject to the forces of the surrounding wind. As the articulated system is not fully locked and rigid, the action of the wind can set the suspended cabins in pendulum motion. This movement can become problematic for two main reasons. On the one hand, slight sway can cause discomfort for users. On the other hand, an amplified swaying movement can lead to safety problems and the closure of a line. These constraints then act as a brake on line performance and profitability. The constraints of comfort and performance/safety on cable transport lines require a good understanding of the pendular dynamics of cabins subjected to wind, and of the main parameters controlling them. One of the aims of the ANR TURB-Câb project is to provide detailed knowledge of the fluid-structure interaction phenomena between a suspended cabin and the surrounding "urban" wind.
The post-doc recruited will be based at the LHEEA of the Ecole Centrale de Nantes in the METHRIC team.

Contraintes et risques

Not applicable