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Post-doctoral researcher in coordination and supramolecular chemistry.

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General information

Reference : UMR6226-CHRLES-001
Workplace : RENNES
Date of publication : Wednesday, January 08, 2020
Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
Contract Period : 12 months
Expected date of employment : 1 June 2020
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : 2600-3700 euros
Desired level of education : 5-year university degree
Experience required : 1 to 4 years


The postdoctoral researcher will integrate the Solid State Chemistry and Materials team of the Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes , UMR 6226. The researcher will be hosted at the National Institute of Applied Science of Rennes (INSA-Rennes) under the supervision of the Dr. Christophe Lescop. He/she will be involved in the ANR-Project SMAC, 'Switchable Multifunctional Advanced Complexes'. This project is a multidisciplinary project in the field of nanoscience with the objective of designing, synthesizing and studying multifunctional compounds whose magnetic properties or luminescence can be modulated by an external stimulus. In addition of the team in the Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes, members of the Paris Sorbonne University (team of Dr. V. Marvaud, project leader) and the Institute of Physics of Rennes (team of Dr. E. Collet) are also involved in the project and an intense collaborative work between these 3 teams is expected to take place during this postdoctoral work. More specifically, the researcher recruited will be responsible for the preparation and characterization of new hetero-polymetallic assemblies combining luminescence, magnetism and switching effect, that will be based on luminescent Cu(I) precursors.


The post-doctoral fellow will be in charge of conducting a specific part of an ANR project related to the preparation of new luminescent polymetallic assemblies based on Cu(I) ions. He or she shall contribute to activities such as the synthesis of the new derivatives, their full characterization, the study of their photophysical properties in the solid state. He/she will conduct collaborative work with the associated teams in Paris and Rennes. He/she will also be engaged in the supervision of the undergraduate and PhD students involved the project. He/she will be implied in the preparation of the publication of one or more individual and/or joint articles on the analyses of the data collected during the project. It is expected that the data will be communicated in ANR-internal meetings and national and international conferences.


The candidate must have defended in the previous two years a doctoral thesis in molecular chemistry, possess solid skills in coordination, supramolecular or organic chemistry synthesis and master classical analytical techniques (NMR, UV-vis, IR …). Strong interest for the characterization in the solid state such as X-ray crystal structure resolution and solid-state photophysical studies is also necessary. He/she should have strong aptitude in working in a team and within collaborative and multi-disciplinary projects, and present ability to work independently. He/she should be able to speak and write fluently English. French is not mandatory but would be appreciated.

Work Context

This post-doctoral work is founded by the ANR and will take place in a deeply collaborative background involving other research teams in Paris and Rennes. The candidate will be hosted in the National Institute of Applied Science of Rennes in the Solid State Chemistry and Materials Team ( belonging to the Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes, UMR 6226 CNRS (

Constraints and risks

Short periods of travel within France and abroad can be expected.

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