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Portal > Offres > Offre UMR5285-PASFON-005 - (H/F) Nouveau procédé pour le recyclage de catalyseur sous forme de particule magnétique en vue de la conversion de biomasse

(H/F) New process for catalyst recycling deposited on magnetic particle for biomass conversion

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General information

Reference : UMR5285-PASFON-005
Date of publication : Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
Contract Period : 12 months
Expected date of employment : 16 March 2020
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : grant between 2643 and 3047€ before tax
Desired level of education : PhD
Experience required : Indifferent


As part of the NANOTRAP project funded by the ANR and in collaboration with the IRCELYON (Villeurbanne) and ICBMB (Bordeaux) laboratories, we are looking for a postdoc in order to develop an innovative process enabling full recycling of magnetic nanoparticles. The objective is to achieve, in an open reactor, the maintenance in a controlled volume of magnetic particles serving as a support for a catalyst. The intended application is the selective conversion of bio-polymers such as lignin using a hydrothermal liquefaction. Ultimately, a process capable of generating nanoparticles in situ, of carrying out the depolymerization of lignin and of recycling magnetic particles, is envisaged in this project. In close collaboration with the project partners, the mission will consist in developing an experimental tool allowing the recycling (or trapping) of nanoparticles / magnetic particles in order to acquire basic data necessary for a design on a larger scale and / or a process modeling.


• Comprehensive analysis of technologies using magnetism
• Development of an experimental tool for studying the recycling of magnetic particles.
• Parametric study with relevant operating conditions.
• Modeling of the recycling process.
• Realization of the integration of all the steps from the synthesis of nanoparticles, their reactivity and their recycling in a complete process.


Having obtained a doctorate in process engineering, the candidate will have a strong expertise in experimental (a link with the use of magnetic particles would be appreciated) and skills in simulation / modeling (Matlab etc ...) .

Work Context

The LGPC is a small CNRS / UCBL / CPE unit with 16 permanent staff and around 20 non-permanent staff. Created in 1994, the LGPC is located in Villeurbanne and aims to develop new catalytic processes with skills in chemical engineering and chemistry. Our unit is particularly interested in the problems of process intensification.

Constraints and risks

No particular risk for this position

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