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(F/M) Post-doctoral fellow in Molecular Neuroscience

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General information

Reference : UMR5203-PHIMAR-001
Date of publication : Monday, April 27, 2020
Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
Contract Period : 24 months
Expected date of employment : 1 September 2020
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : Gross salary: 2600-3000€
Desired level of education : PhD
Experience required : Indifferent


Among the 14 serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) receptor subtypes, the 5HT2A receptor raises particular interest, as it is the primary target of second-generation antipsychotics such as clozapine and risperidone, as well as of psychedelic hallucinogens, such as lysergic acid diamine (LSD), which reproduce some core symptoms of schizophrenia. Previous studies from the host team indicate that prefrontal 5-HT2A receptors modulate glutamatergic transmission and gate synaptic plasticity at thalamo-cortical synapses by promoting the phosphorylation of different subunits of glutamate ionotropic receptors. They also show that 5-HT2A receptor stimulation induces dynamic changes in cortical neuron gene expression that might result from epigenetic mechanisms. In line with these findings, the hired post-doctoral fellow will decipher:
1) phosphoproteome changes elicited by 5-HT2A receptor stimulation in presynapse-enriched fractions and post-synaptic densities from purified prefrontal cortex pyramidal neurons (from Thy1:YFP mice).
2) epigenetic mechanisms (DNA methylation, histone modifications and chromatin rearrangements) elicited by 5-HT2A receptor stimulation in prefrontal cortex pyramidal neurons (purified from Thy1:YFP mice).


- Mouse line management (Thy1:YFP, 5-HT2A-/- and Thy1:YFP/5-HT2A-/- mice), treatment of animals, prefrontal cortex collection.
- Purification of pyramidal neurons by FACS
- Sample preparation for phosphoproteomics and epigenetics studies (chemical modifications of DNA molecules, post-translational modifications of histones and chromatin structure rearrangements)
- Phosphoproteomics and epigenetics data analysis and interpretation


- Ph.D. in Neurosciences, with a strong expertise in biochemistry molecular and cellular biology
- Skills in cell sorting and/or proteomics and/or epigenetics and/or bioinformatics would be a strong advantage.
- Autonomy, communication and organisational skills

Work Context

The Institute of Functional Genomics (IGF, is a multidisciplinary research center hosted by CNRS, INSERM and University of Montpellier that focuses on cell signaling and communication processes in the fields of neurobiology, cardiology, endocrinology and oncology. The IGF hosts three departments, 23 research teams and ~250 staffs (researchers, engineers, technicians, postdocs and students) and offers all facilities to perform research in the field of life science, including a genomics facility equipped by next-generation sequencing and a proteomics facility equipped with three high-resolution mass spectrometers. These platforms are handled by engineers who provide expertise and assistance to the platform users. They organize every year training courses dedicated to users, thus offering a unique opportunity for training and transfer of knowledge to recruited young scientists.
The postdoctoral position, funded by the Labex EpiGenMed (, is open in the “Neuroproteomics and Signalling of Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders” Team ( The team investigates signaling networks associated with 5-HT receptors and their role in the pathophysiology of neuro-developmental psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia. The recruited postdoc will be supervised by Philippe Marin and Carine Bécamel. Epigenetics studies will be performed in collaboration with the team of Giacomo Cavalli ( at IGH) and will benefit from the outstanding expertise of this team in the field.

Constraints and risks

No particular constraint is associated with this position except for carrying out some experiments in an animal facility and handling mice.

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