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M/W Project Manager EVA-BIO (post-doctorate)

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Date Limite Candidature : lundi 31 janvier 2022

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General information

Reference : UAR2035-ISAMER0-001
Date of publication : Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
Contract Period : 24 months
Expected date of employment : 1 February 2022
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : 2100 € nets
Desired level of education : PhD
Experience required : 1 to 4 years


The aim is to develop scientific approaches to evaluate the educational impact of games as a lever for sustainable behavioural change, particularly with children and adolescents on the one hand and local communities on the other.


Activity 1: Preparation of research protocols
o State of the art and synthesis of the bibliography
o Drafting of a data management plan and preparation of a research protocol to be submitted to the ad hoc ethical committee in the framework of the RGPD
o Elaboration of the methodology for impact assessment and monitoring in the framework of a change-oriented monitoring and evaluation system

Activity 2: Participatory experimentation and deployment of games to target audiences
o Typology of BIOVIVA games concerned by the study and characterisation of their specificities
o Identification of research teams working on similar themes and constitution of a transversal working group
o Canvassing of target audiences to identify a panel of actors (territorial actors, young public and their referents) to be mobilised within the framework of the experiments
o Definition of a schedule for the participative workshops and interviews
o Organisation of interviews, focus groups and workshops to collect data
o Analysis of the data

Activity 3: Formalisation of an impact monitoring tool that can be appropriated by society and mobilised with other audiences
o Development of an evaluation grid and a system for monitoring and evaluating the impact of games on behavioural change using a set of principles, criteria and indicators of change
o Formalisation of a theory of change within the framework of the IMPRESS approach and an "actor-centred" change support approach
o Feedback from the study to the audiences concerned by the study


1/ Knowledge in the field of psychology, psychometry and pedagogy; evaluation and survey methodology; communication techniques
2/ Know-how: Identification of change indicators, construction of change-oriented monitoring and evaluation protocols, pedagogical approaches
3/ Personal skills: Ability to adapt and work independently, relational ease and ease with iterative approaches, flexibility and adaptability to an evolving work environment, communication skills and co-construction approach.

Work Context

The person recruited, within the framework of the Recovery Plan, will be hosted for 20% of his/her time at the MSH SUD and the remaining 80% at BIOVIVA EDITIONS.

The Maison des Sciences de l'Homme SUD (MSH SUD) is a Support and Research Unit (UAR 2035) located at the Paul-Valéry University (St Charles building) in Montpellier. Its scope of activity covers the whole of Eastern Occitania (from Perpignan to Nîmes) and it has developed partnerships with the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société de Toulouse (MSHS-T).
The academic site in which the MSH SUD is anchored has one of the main research poles on environmental and development issues on an international scale, as evidenced in particular by the scientific dynamism of the I-Site MUSE as well as, more globally, the ambitious scientific policies of the institutions of the Occitanie Est site.
The MSH SUD project is organised around the development of interdisciplinary collaborations between humanities, humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, matter and engineering sciences on the one hand; the stimulation of a renewed relationship between sciences and societies in a collaborative and partnership perspective (participatory / collaborative research) on the other hand.
MSH SUD provides scientific knowledge on socio-environmental and health issues, participatory approaches and monitoring-evaluation systems as well as a network of academic and territorial partners.

BIOVIVA Editions specialises in the creation, development and marketing of educational tools and solutions relating to major societal issues (health, biodiversity, climate change, etc.).

Bioviva Editions creates, develops and markets educational games on the development of children and respect for the environment. Bioviva's educational products are fun and firmly rooted in a sustainable development approach.
Bioviva is the only company in its sector to have been awarded 30 Trophies in 30 participations. It benefits from an exceptional brand image in France, which it is also developing abroad (the company is present in some fifteen countries and is represented by the largest distributors).
Bioviva is an experienced games publisher and expert in personalised games. For more than 20 years, Bioviva has based its game projects on the three A's principle: learn, own and act.
Bioviva shares with its partners an ethical and coherent approach based on the fulfilment of each individual by conveying the notions of conviviality, discovery, sharing and pleasure, with fun and educational content that is accessible to all, enabling them to take ownership of the issues linked to the preservation of the environment and thus to acquire good practices in this area.
Bioviva is committed to distributing to as many people as possible products that guarantee the best ethical quality-price ratio; the quality of life and well-being of employees at work, for a more human dimension of the company, by encouraging the autonomy and initiative of employees.
The company relies on environmentally friendly production methods, with a rigorous selection of raw materials and in particular the refusal to use mainly petrochemical materials; the choice of means of transport limiting the negative impact on the environment; and manufacturing as locally as possible.
BIOVIVA provides this study with its know-how and skills in game mechanics and game play, as well as a working environment and access to its partners for the production and distribution of games.

Constraints and risks

Not relevant

Additional Information

Recruitment under the Recovery Plan.

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