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PhD Contract (M/F) : Evaluation of NCN-Ni pincers for elaborating N-metallated nitriles and subsequent application to the synthesis of biologically active natural compounds

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Date Limite Candidature : mardi 5 octobre 2021

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General information

Reference : UMR8038-MARLAN-001
Workplace : PARIS 06
Date of publication : Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Scientific Responsible name : Marie-Isabelle Lannou
Type of Contract : PhD Student contract / Thesis offer
Contract Period : 36 months
Start date of the thesis : 2 November 2021
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : 2 135,00 € gross monthly

Description of the thesis topic

Creation of two adjacent quaternary centers in a single step is a major challenge in organic synthesis. Consequently, the development of new strategies based on catalytic methods for a straightforward access to enantiopure molecules comprising contiguous stereogenic centers constitutes a thriving research area. In this context, this project aims at developing the use of N-metallated ketene-imines (N-MKI) for the enantioselective elaboration of frameworks comprising contiguous tertiary / quaternary centers. In the first part, the reactivity of chiral nickel pincer complexes (NCN-Ni type) will be evaluated in a model alpha-cyano-alkylation reaction. Subsequently, an application to the synthesis of biologically active compounds will be carried out.

Work Context

Laboratory : Cibles Thérapeutiques et Conception du Médicament, UMR 8038.
The Laboratory “Cibles Thérapeutiques et conception du Médicament” (CiTCoM), is a joint unit of University of Paris, CNRS and INSERM, and is located at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris. The research carried out within the unit combines biology and chemistry in order to optimize drug design. The laboratory is made up of 7 teams and brings together 50 professors and assistant professors, 11 INSERM / CNRS researchers, 9 ITA, 11 BIATSS and 22 doctoral and post-doctoral fellows and fixed-term contracts. The candidate (M/F) will work within the Produits Naturels, Analyses et Synthèses team. The host laboratory possesses all the equipment necessary for the implementation of the project and the Faculty site also hosts NMR (300, 400, 600 MHz) and mass spectrometry (HRMS) platforms.

Constraints and risks

The candidate (M/F) will have to comply with the internal regulations of UMR 8038 and respect the health and safety constraints governing the handling of chemicals.

Additional Information

The candidate (M/F) must possess a good knowledge in organometallic chemistry as well as in organic synthesis. Practical experience in one of these two fields would be desirable. The candidate (M/F) should show autonomy and rigor in his/her work and must also be able to easily integrate within a working team.

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