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Researcher H/F : metamaterials for thermal emissivity control

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Date Limite Candidature : mercredi 6 octobre 2021

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General information

Reference : UPR3079-OLIROZ-001
Workplace : ORLEANS
Date of publication : Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
Contract Period : 18 months
Expected date of employment : 1 December 2021
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : 2648 Euros gross monthly
Desired level of education : PhD
Experience required : 1 to 4 years


The OR2T team "Optics, Thermal Radiation and Transport" of the CEMHTI-CNRS laboratory (UPR 3079) is recruiting a researcher in the field of metamaterials to optimize their radiative properties at high temperature.

The electromagnetic properties of natural materials are mainly determined by their chemical composition. The metamaterial approach allows additional degrees of freedom to adjust these properties by playing on the structure. This flexibility is of particular interest for the design of thermal emitters: indeed, thanks to an increased spectral control and to the possibility to match the impedance with that of the surrounding medium, it is possible to maximize the thermal emissivity for a chosen wavelength range.

The main objective of this study will be to design all-oxide metamaterials that exhibit strong, selective and tunable thermal emissivity and are resistant to high temperature under air. The working hypothesis is that these emitters will be able to operate sustainably under severe thermal conditions due to the refractory nature of the oxides and the simple lamellar structure involved in the realization of a hyperbolic metamaterial. In addition, the metamaterial approach will offer great flexibility to tune the emission spectrum over a wide range of wavelengths without changing the chemical composition.

From an application point of view, such emitters should be useful to improve the energy efficiency of many industrial processes operating at high temperature and involving heat transfer by infrared radiation (e.g. thermoforming, melting, sintering, annealing...). They should also remove one of the main barriers to the efficient conversion of heat into electricity in thermophotovoltaic systems, regardless of the source of the heat (solar radiation, waste heat...).

The project is a collaboration between the CEMHTI laboratory and Saint-Gobain Research Provence.


The activities of the person recruited will be :
- Synthesize and characterize (crystal phases, microstructure) oxide monolayers and metamaterials.
- Characterize the optical and radiative properties (spectral emissivity) of these materials at high temperature.
- Extract the optical indices of the materials using the FOCUS software.
- Develop a numerical code to simulate the emissivity of a metamaterial and optimize its structure.
- Perform durability tests.
- Process and interpret the data.
- Valorize results through publications and participation in conferences.
- Write reports, technical documents and scientific publications.
- Ensure the transfer of skills between the CEMHTI and the Saint Gobain research center in Cavaillon


- A PhD in materials science and in particular in the field of characterization and modeling of optical and radiative properties of heterogeneous materials is required.
- The candidate must have experience in infrared spectroscopy and more particularly in the characterization of the spectral emissivity of materials at high temperature (1000 °C and more).
- The candidate must have a good knowledge of FOCUS software (https://www.cemhti.cnrs-orleans.fr/pot/software/focus.html).
- Programming skills and experience are required.
- Fluency in English reading, writing and speaking to actively participate in project dissemination activities.
- Organizational ability. The candidate must initiate, plan, implement and deliver research results within defined time frames.
- Mastery of computer tools necessary for the piloting of equipment and data processing and analysis.
- Respect the rules of hygiene and safety related to the field.
- Ability to work while respecting the confidentiality of work and research results.

Work Context

The CEMHTI is a CNRS research unit located on two nearby sites (High Temperature and Cyclotron) with a staff of about 110 people. The laboratory develops expertise and original tools on a national and international level to study the physicochemical properties of materials in extreme conditions.

The researcher will be based both on the high temperature site of the laboratory where he/she will integrate the "Optics, Thermal Radiation and Transport" team and on the SGR Provence site in Cavaillon. In this context, two simultaneous accommodations will be required with frequent return trips between the two sites.
Date limite de soumission des candidatures fixée au 06/10/2021

Constraints and risks

It is specified that this recruitment offer falls within the framework of the France Recovery Plan on a research collaboration project with a company which will be submitted to the DRARI for validation. In addition, in the context of the offer, it should be specified that the activity will be carried out partly in the CEMHTI laboratory and the SGR company.

The date of taking up the post is likely to be modified in view of the current health situation in France linked to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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