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General information

Reference : UMR8607-CATZOM-001
Workplace : ORSAY
Date of publication : Friday, August 02, 2019
Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
Contract Period : 24 months
Expected date of employment : 1 December 2019
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : 2695 euros à 3841 euros gross monthly depending on experience.
Desired level of education : PhD
Experience required : 1 to 4 years


The JUNO-LAL team offers a post-doc position for fundamental research studies in neutrino physics within the JUNO experiment.
The JUNO-LAL team consists of 2 permanent physicists (M. Bongrand and A. Cabrera) and 1 PhD student. The team has led the conception and contributes to the implementation of the “dual-calorimetry” system (independent readout of 25,000 3” PMTs and electronics). This system is also called “Small PMT” (SPMT) within JUNO. Today's main activities are focused on the final validation stage of the hardware performance expecting production during 2020. A small detector prototype (“JINO”) is under design for final validation of the entire system to be installed at LAL. In addition, we are involved in the preparation of the physics analyses towards the measurement of θ12 and δm2 (the so called “solar oscillation” parameters) as well as the novel “dual-calorimetry” implementation for the detector calibration. All activities are developed in tight international collaboration with the Americas, Asia and Europe institutions. A. Cabrera is responsible of SPMT system as well as some of the physics related efforts.


The successful candidate is expected to:
•take leading role in physics analyses in neutrino physics for JUNO.
•take critical part in the JINO operations.
•participate in dual-calorimetry development and studies.
•(depending on role) participate in publications writeup — there are several publications envisaged in the following 2 years.
•take initiative for other possible physics cases and/or techniques for the control of systematics in JUNO final analysis.
•take active role to supervise possible PhD and undergraduate students, when available.
•take active role in the JUNO international collaboration science and collaboration effort.


Expected Skills:
• A PhD level in particle physics — priority will be provided to neutrino specialised experts.
• Reactor neutrino experience is particularly welcome.
• Proficiency on modern PP techniques for data analysis (ROOT, etc) and instrumentation are particularly handed.
• Geant4 simulation skills and knowledge will be advantageous.
• English proficiency is critical — international team and context.
• International collaboration communication and management.
• Problem solving skills and critical judgement.
• Team work spirit.

Work Context

The successful candidate will be working within the JUNO-LAL team — recognised expertise in the topic — as well as within the national and international team in JUNO. The LAL laboratory is a recognised institution in particle physics in France with technical and physics resources and expertise.
The JUNO experiment is one of the largest experiments in neutrino oscillation physics with leading sensitivity to several of the neutrino oscillation parameters such as δm2, θ12 and |Δm2| and unique insight to the atmospheric mass ordering (i.e. the sign of ±Δm2). An interesting “shape-only” based cross-check measurement of θ13 is also possible. In addition, given the large size of the detector (20 kilotons), JUNO is considered one of the most sensitive detectors to supernova and geo neutrinos as well as proton decay. Some sensitivity (under active investigation) to solar and atmospheric neutrinos might be possible too.
The research here proposed will be carried out within the JUNO international framework based in LAL with frequent visits to China and/or other countries within the collaboration (Asia and Europe). The main goal is provide leading scientific contributions to JUNO scientific agenda under development and/or novel pertinent ideas, if possible.

Constraints and risks

Some of the work will take place in the laboratories work linked to JINO operations.
Several travels to China and other collaboration countries (Italy, Russia, USA, etc) are foreseen.

Additional Information

IMPORTANT: this post-doctorate position is also offered to recent PhD graduates.
To apply, please send a letter containing a short research summary, a CV with a list of publications.

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