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post-doc position in NMR reaction monitoring in Nantes, France

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Français - Anglais

Date Limite Candidature : mardi 8 décembre 2020

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General information

Reference : UMR6230-JEADUM-009
Workplace : NANTES
Date of publication : Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
Contract Period : 24 months
Expected date of employment : 1 February 2021
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : The monthly salary will be between 2 600€ and 3 000 € (before taxes), depending on experience
Desired level of education : PhD
Experience required : Indifferent


The postdoctoral researcher will join an ERC-funded project, led by Jean-Nicolas Dumez, on the real-time diffusion NMR analysis of mixtures. The project aims at developing and applying methods for ultrafast multidimensional NMR spectroscopy, based on the principles of spatial encoding and including diffusion-based methods, for the monitoring of out-of-equilibrium systems.

This will involve: i/ the implementation of single-scan 2D NMR methods for real-time and online monitoring, ii/ applications in flow and batch synthesis for process monitoring and mechanistic studies.


The postdoctoral researcher will in particular:
. implement and optimise pulse sequences for 2D homonuclear correlation and diffusion-ordered spectroscopy, for online monitoring
. implement the use of flow NMR for inline detection in flow synthesis
. analyse palladium catalysed reactions developed within the CEISAM laboratory.
Applications to reaction monitoring will be carried out in collaboration with the group of François-Xavier Felpin at the CEISAM lab.


Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in chemistry, and have a demonstrated track record in magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Experience in reaction monitoring, flow NMR, or spatially encoded NMR are desirable. Good communication skills and a propensity for teamwork are also essential.

Work Context

The NMR group of the CEISAM lab works on methods developments in solution-state NMR and their application to the analysis of mixtures. It is equipped with state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers, in the 400 to 700 MHz range. CEISAM is the molecular chemistry lab of the Université de Nantes, where research includes physical and analytical chemistry, organic synthesis and catalysis, and chemical biology. The lab is located in the vibrant city of Nantes, close to the beautiful Atlantic coast of South Brittany.

Additional Information

NMR group: https://ceisam.univ-nantes.fr/en/mimm-team/nmr-methodology/
Project: https://ceisam.univ-nantes.fr/en/erc-projects/dinamix/
Felpin group: https://ceisam.univ-nantes.fr/en/corail-team/sustainable-chemistry-new-technology/

Key publications:
L. Guduff, I. Kuprov, C. van Heijenoort and J.-N. Dumez, Spatially encoded 2D and 3D diffusion- ordered NMR spectroscopy, Chem. Commun., 53, 701 (2017). http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/C6CC09028A
J.-N. Dumez, Spatial encoding and spatial selection methods in high-resolution NMR spectroscopy, Prog. Nucl. Magn. Reson. Spectrosc., 109, 101 (2018). http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.pnmrs.2018.08.001
C. Jacquemmoz, F. Giraud and J.-N. Dumez, Online reaction monitoring by single-scan 2D NMR under flow conditions , Analyst 145, 478 (2020)

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