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Portail > Offres > Offre FR636-EVEMAG-036 - Ingénieur (H/F) de recherche sur les outils d'évaluation et d'analyse des simulations de modèle climatique - application et développement de l'outil communautaire ESMValTool à l'IPSL

IT Researcher (M/W) on tools for evaluation and analysis of climate models - use and development of the ESMValTool community tool at IPSL

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Français - Anglais

Date Limite Candidature : jeudi 21 janvier 2021

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General information

Reference : FR636-EVEMAG-036
Workplace : PARIS 05
Date of publication : Thursday, December 10, 2020
Type of Contract : FTC Technical / Administrative
Contract Period : 18 months
Expected date of employment : 1 April 2021
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : From 2510 gross depending on diploma and experience
Desired level of education : Engineer
Experience required : Indifferent


In the scope of the H2020 IS-ENES3 European project, the CNRS hires an IT-Researcher (18-months temporary position) for Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL) to use and develop the ESMValTool at IPSL. ESMValTool is one of the two official climate model evaluation tools of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP), which is developed by a community at the European scale and supported by the IS-ENES3 project.
This tool aims at providing a solution for the evaluation of climate models which can be applied by all the modelling centers around the world, and for the model intercomparison exercises like CMIP, a major source of scientific material for the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports.
The current version of the ESMValTool has been deeply re-designed compared to the first one, making it more efficient and flexible. The mission of the person will be to firstly install and use the ESMValTool at IPSL and to build on concrete application use cases to popularize its use at IPSL, compare it to in-house tools (the CliMAF python library and the C-ESM-EP evaluation platform), increase our expertise on this tool and interact with the ESMValTool developers team.


- Install ESMValTool at the IPSL data center
- Compare it with the IPSL/CNRM tools which are CliMAF and the C-ESM-EP to provide scientific and technical feedbacks to the ESMValTool team
- Work on a common standard interface for three main evaluation tools (ESMValTool, CliMAF and the PCMDI Metrics Package) to allow easy integration of a new diagnostic written by a scientist to all these tools; the person will build on the use-case of implementing the ENSO (El Niño phenomenon) evaluation package of diagnostics developed by IPSL for the international community to test its integration to ESMValTool and the CliMAF framework; the hired person will be able to contribute scientifically to the work of the CLIVAR Pacific Panel to develop new diagnostics for the ENSO evaluation package
- Develop technical specifications for the evaluation infrastructure based on the analysis of a survey conducted within IS-ENES3 to understand the needs and expectations of the community on model evaluation tools


Degree from an engineering school or PhD. Autonomy and the ability to take initiatives are qualities required for the position.

Mandatory skills:
- mastering Python and UNIX environment
- use of Netcdf files
- ability to work in a team
- good practice of the english language to exchange with the ESMValTool team, B2.

Looked-for skills:
- good knowledge of the Iris and Xarray python libraries and of the Anaconda environnement
- use of json files
- some experience with the ESMValTool
- knowledges in climate sciences

Work Context

Model evaluation is a central subject in climate science, both scientifically and technically. The goal of the ESMValTool (Earth System Model Evaluation Tool) is to propose a tool for all the climate modelling centers, so that they can take advantage of a scientifically validated and recognized collection of scientific diagnostics to evaluate their models. In parallel, historically, numerous modelling centers have developed their own in-house tools, following their needs (at least partially), and that they know perfectly. The goal of this position is to participate to the convergence of those two approaches on model evaluation tools.
IS-ENES3 (Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth System Modelling) is a “Research infrastructure” european H2020 project coordinated by CNRS for IPSL (January 2019-December 2022). It aims at supporting the climate modelling infrastructure at the european level. It gathers 22 partners in 11 european countries in a collaborative work to develop a better understanding of climates from past to future and today with the development and sharing of model components, modelling tools and data infrastructure. More information on the official website: https://is.enes.org/
The Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL), created in 1995 and located in Paris, is a federation of 9 laboratories on the theme of climate and environment sciences. These laboratories elaborate a common strategy to study the “Earth System” as a whole and for the study of other objects in the Solar System. One of the goals of the IPSL is to understand the natural variability of climate from regional to global scale, and the past to future evolution of our planet.

The person will be based at LSCE-IPSL in the south of Paris, with regular meetings in Jussieu and occasional travels in Europe. The person will be managed by the IPSL / CliMAF developer coupled model evaluation manager (LSCE-IPSL) and the Enso evaluation expert (LOCEAN-IPSL). At IPSL, the person will have frequent interactions with the ESPRI-MOD team in charge of the management of the IT resources of the IPSL data center, and the Platform group (that gathers IT-researchers in charge of climate modelling tools at IPSL). At the international level, the person will be regularly in contact with the ESMValTool development team.

Constraints and risks


Additional Information


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